Want to read faster?

We took the simple index card eye movement speed reading exercise (taught in Chad Cargill's ACT Workshop) and created a website to keep pushing you to faster reading speeds.

"If you feel slow reading is really hindering your performance on the reading section of the ACT, practice these eye movement techniques for 15 minutes a day for two weeks leading up to the test. You will be amazed at how much faster you can read the passages." - Chad Cargill

How does it work?

We slide a virtual "index card" over the words as you read the passage. Covering the words from top downward forces you to keep your eyes moving down the page. We increase the speed of the card after you complete comprehension tests. The goal is to move the card slightly faster than the rate you are reading such that the speed of the card makes you very uncomfortable. The results speak for themselves.

Before: 200 wpmAfter: 700 wpm

At 1,000 WPM, you could have read this entire page (including both passages) in under 45 seconds!